You’re Making a Difference

Fighters, Sponsors, Spectators:


By participating in this event, you’re a hero to the men and women on the front lines of our community. That’s why the fighters fight, it’s why our sponsors sign on, and it’s why we pack thousands into Baxter Arena every year.

Every dollar made at this event goes back to support the First Responders Foundation, a nonprofit that works directly with local police and fire departments to fulfill wish lists and prioritize resources so donations go where they are needed most.

The foundation’s mission is to to serve and honor all our First Responders and their families, build appreciation and respect for their work, and enhance public safety. The organization accomplishes its mission by creating and supporting unique and educational programs and events, inspiring our community, and providing necessary resources and services to First Responders and our citizens.


PTSD Support

First Responders face trauma day in and day out, and it takes a toll.

Bleeding & Shock Kits

In the event of a mass casualty event like an active shooter or plane crash, we’ll be prepared.

Helping Our Youth

In this program, police officers coach at-risk kids in sports they may not otherwise have the opportunity in which to participate.

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For more information about sponsorship opportunities, booth space at the event, or any other inquiries, shoot us a message below.